First Baptist Church of Eagle Grove, Iowa


On April 12 at 10:00 am we will celebrate Christ’s rising at our
Easter morning drive-in church.

We ask that you follow the
guide lines set out by the Iowa Department of Public Health.
All persons attending the service must drive up in an enclosed
vehicle and remain in that same vehicle during the entire
service. Individuals cannot get out of their vehicle during the
service for any reason.

All vehicle windows, sunroofs, and convertible tops must
remain closed during the entire service.

No more than 10 people may be in a single vehicle. People in a
single vehicle should be limited to members of the same

Bring your own communion (grape juice, cracker or
unleavened bread

Leave your tithes and offering in the mail box on north side of

A note from Pastor Steve..... 

As we examine both Maundy Thursday and Good Friday it is good to remember that the
day for the Hebrew starts at sundown. Maundy Thursday started at sundown 6:00 pm on
Wednesday and Good Friday started on 6:00 am Thursday. Understanding the timing helps us
to see the continuity and how everything flowed together from the celebration (yes Passover
was a great celebration of the past and a look to the future.) To the death, burial and
resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Let us look first at the Passover celebration—a brief description is found in Luke 22:14,
Matthew 26:20-30, and Mark 26: 20-30, Mark 14:17-21, and John 13:21-30. Each of these
passages give some detail into the interaction by Jesus and His disciples. It would not hurt to
look into what a Passover celebration would have included. First it was a gathering of family
and friends. A table was set with candles, a prayer was given, the table setting would include
lamb, bitter herbs, egg, salt water, a paste to remind them of the mortar for bricks, horse
radish, as well flatbread (matzah). As they would eat the father would ask the children
questions and repeat the story of the Passover. In Jewish homes today it hasn’t changed much
over the years. You might ask why we as Christians don’t celebrate Passover as the Jews do?
First, we focus on the resurrection, often we remember Maundy Thursday as a lesson in
history. Our celebration comes in the form of the Lords supper (communion.) This is where
we remember Christ broken body and blood shed for the forgiveness of our sins. See how
many different teachings and actions take place during this time. Just a couple to get you
started—the washing of the Disciples feet which tells us to be each other’s servant or how
about when Jesus said one of you will betray me—and everyone to a man (even Judas) asked
is it me, Lord? Can you ask that question knowing it could be you at some
time—past—present or future.
As you search the scriptures see how you can learn change or improve your Christian
walk by being obedient and knowledgeable in God’s word. Pray that He will open your eyes to
what God wants you to do be from this day forward.
What did Jesus and the Disciples do after they celebrated Passover? They left singing
and went out to pray.
More to come this week on Good Friday—Resurrection Sunday—sermon to follow.

May Jesus Christ be praised! Pastor Steve

First Baptist Church of Eagle Grove