First Baptist Church of Eagle Grove, Iowa


”Have you ever heard of the Akedah?” asked the teacher?  “ It’s the offering up of Isaac by his father, Abraham.”

“I’ve heard of it.” I said, “but I never understood why it happened.”  “It was a test,” he said, “but also a mystery.  At the end of the test God sealed His covenant with Abraham.  In such a covenant, each party had to be willing to do what the other was willing to do.  Now let’s open up the mystery. Abraham was willing to offer up his son as a sacrifice.  Therefore….”  

“Therefore, God,” I replied, “would have to be willing to offer up His Son…as a sacrifice.”

“The father brings his son on a donkey,” said the teacher, “ to the land of the sacrifice.”

“So then God would bring His Son on a donkey to the land of the sacrifice…Palm Sunday… Messiah is brought on a donkey to the place of the sacrifice.”

“The father places the wood of the sacrifice on his son’s shoulder….”

“God would place the wood of the sacrifice, the cross, on Messiah’s shoulders.”

“The son carries the wood up the mountain to the place of the sacrifice…”

“Messiah carries the wood to the place of the sacrifice.”

“The father lays his son upon the wood and binds him to it.”

“The messiah is laid on the wood of the cross and bound to it.”

“The father lifts up the knife of sacrifice but is stopped…”

“And so the knife, the judgment of God is lifted up…but is not stopped.  Messiah is killed on the wood of the sacrifice.”

“Do you know what appears in this account for the first time in all of scripture? “


“The word love.  The first love in the bible is from this account, the love of the father for the son…just as the first love in existence was that of the Father for the Son.  And yet the Father is willing to offer up the Son of His Love to save you, then He must love you with the same love with which He loved the Son.  As it is written,  “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”  So you don’t ever have to wonder how much God Loves you.  The sign is already there on the wood of the sacrifice…As much as He loves His only begotten Son…the greatest love in all existence…that’s how much He loves you”

The mission: Today, ponder the price of love that was paid for you, and live your life likewise as a sacrifice of love to Him.  Genesis 22, John 3:16

This is excerpt from book By Jonathan Cohn’s   “The Book of Mysteries” and I thought it was appropriate for the Easter season.

May God Bless You

Pastor Steve

First Baptist Church of Eagle Grove